Written, by Spalger

Back to Startup Life?

Welp, it's been exactly one month and one day since I started my new job at an early stage startup. It's cool, I love the project, the people are super smart and friendly, but the company is at a pretty wild pivotal moment. It's going to be interesting to see how we execute. I feel pretty confident about it, but I've forgotten this feeling of mild but real stress that your job might just disappear!

I'm not sure I ever experienced that at Elastic. I feel like either Elastic was just so much more secretive about their process and state, or just didn't leave into the potential risk the company was under, but I'm not sure I've every worked in a situation like this.

I have a terrible memory though, so who knows. I never really wrote things down in the past and even know I doubt I'll ever read these posts back, but 🤷

Maybe I'll remember things better by writing them down.

For now I'm working extra hard and kicking as much ass as I can manage. I'm going to do what I can to help this company make it to the next step.


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