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Second post

So, omg.lol is awesome. It reminds me of an idea that I've been ruminating on lately, the idea of an indie AWS like environment managed by me and a few other folks, with cheap, mostly open source, basic services that are useful when hacking out little tools, highly focused on ease of use and design. No enterprise features, but enough for tons of people to use our services to build a bunch of different things.

I doubt it's likely to set the world a blaze, but if I have fun working on it and can make enough money to pay my bills I'd be happy.

The idea is to start with one service and build out some of the infrastructure in a reusable way. Then add a second service, maybe hire a couple people and try to triple the size of the offering. Use other SasS products to avoid needing a massive staff, pass the costs on to the people using our services, if everything is usage-based billing then I can imagine it working out pretty well.

I'm currently between jobs, left Elastic last week and starting at Metronome next week. Ironically they specialize in usage-based pricing. I'm hoping to learn a lot about building modern services and hopefully find my way towards being able to make something like this a reality.

Interested in playing along? What would be your first service?

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